5 Best Protective Styles for Spring Break

Choosing the perfect hairstyle for any occasion can be frustrating! We want styles that slay all day and don’t break the bank. Spring break is the perfect time to switch up your style and protect your hair from the sun, sand, and water. I’ve composed a list of the top five best protective styles for spring break! Whether you’re jumping into the pool or grabbing dinner on the beach, these styles will keep you cool, keep your hair protected, and save a few of your coins! 1.)Box Braids 2.)Twists 3.)Lemonade Braids (Similar styles) 4.)Goddess Braids 5.)Low-Maintenance Wig (Wet & Wavy)

Black women have been utilizing braid and twist styles since forever! The opportunities are endless. From the basic box braid to the intricate “Lemonade” style, braids will always be my go-to for spring break. Twists follow shortly behind, also offering variety. Box braids provide flexibility and comfort. Dress them up with some thread, beads, or rings for some flair! Twists provide flexibility as well and are usually easier to install. Marley, Havana, and Senegalese are especially popular! Don’t be afraid to add some sparkle to your twists either. The infamous “Lemonade” braids! These braids and other scalp braid styles may require a pain reliever or two! However, they last long and are super cute! Another popular scalp braid option is the two-layer braid style. Goddess braids can be done quickly. Whether you’re into the double braid look or want them up in a high ponytail, these braids are a great stress-free option! If you’re not interested in a braid or twist style, don’t fret! For all the bundle lovers, I suggest a wig! I’ve been wearing wigs since high school. My favorite curly wig, (Outre - Evony *pictured below*), is sometimes available on WigTypes.com for as low as $13. If you’re worried about security, add a few bobby pins!

There you have it! A few of my favorite protective styles for fun in the sun or under the warm stars! Regardless of the style you choose, remember to keep your hair moisturized!

Link to wig: http://www.wigtypes.com/outre_synthetic_half_wig_quick_weave_evony.php?gclid=Cj0KCQiAw9nUBRCTARIsAG11eidXhmnmYgNrfy7_T7lXIi2cTfcnFyejsy3QQwovLdM7OykYqMbOo4MaAph_EALw_wcB

Pictured: Catherine Scott, Mackenzie (Last 3)

By Mackenzie