A Guide to Self-Care

Everyone is going through something. You are not weak for feeling overwhelmed or afraid. Life’s experiences can often cause us to feel defeated. In these trying times, or anytime, we should practice methods of self-care. This may be unfamiliar to many, as our hectic schedules do not allot us time for such things. However, it is necessary. Self-care is practiced differently for everyone. Whether you’re getting a massage or taking a trip, time to relax is important. High levels of stress can cause serious medical issues. Stress can be managed by consistently utilizing methods of self care to remain at peace. I’ve included some of my favorite ways to practice self-care below! 1.) Have A Spa Day I like to put on a good show or good music, wash my hair, do a facial mask, and have a glass of wine. I also like to utilize candles or my essential oil diffuser for my favorite scents. 2.) Get Active Whether it’s a yoga session or a brisk walk, exercising is essential to staying healthy. Exercise is also a great stress reliever. 3.) Eat Well What you put into your body means A LOT! Green veggies & fresh fruits are my go-to. Not only will you feel great after eating clean, but your body will thank you! 4.) Practice Positive Thinking This may sound cliche, but from personal experience, it can change your life. It is inevitable to run into obstacles or face hardships. However, these things are not impossible to overcome. I love to pray and practice positive affirmations. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I practice replacing discouraging thoughts with positive ones.

By Mackenzie