Get Your Crystal On!

Healing crystals are used for a variety of things. Most people utilize them for meditation and manifesting. Crystals have recently gained attention and are being advertised everywhere. Don’t be swindled by inflated prices! Many local shops and street festivals will have them for sale. A quick Amazon search will also produce many crystal vendors. We’ve compiled a short list of our personal favorites! Enjoy and Happy Meditating!

Jade is a gemstone that creates harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. This stone serves as the ultimate symbol of serenity, thus emitting a cleaning and calming aura. Blue aventurine is the key to freeing your inner self of conflict and stimulating the third eye. This crystal can also aid in spiritual guidance and embodies energy to help balance emotions. Amethyst is a powerful stone known to vibrate at a beautiful frequency and help cultivate tranquility. This stone is very protective, calming, and neutralizes negative energy. Smoky quartz is necessary in eliminating negative energy and feelings. It is helpful for grounding and bringing forth peace when feelings of depression, anxiety, or fear arise. Citrine is a light stone, used to attract happiness, success, and love. This stone is known to help bring forth abundance and prosperity. It also helps to increase creativity.