Get Your Tech on This Summer!

Summer is all about fun and laughing until it hurts! From late night swims to almost losing your wig on a jet ski--the adventures are endless. Summer is definitely the best season of the year and a time of the year where we make the most memories. Whether your summer is full of tropical destinations or road trips with your girls, be sure to have your tech gadgets on deck. Instagram won't be here forever and music was made to be played loud! Here are our must-have tech gadgets to ensure you aren't missing out on an opportunity to maximize the fun and make memories that will last forever! •Instant Cameras Instant cameras are a blast from the past! These cameras, made popular by Polaroid, instantly print your photo after taking one! They’re definitely making a comeback and are a summer necessity! Grab one and flick it up by the pool. •Speaker What are you blasting your summer playlist on? We like to keep a portable speaker handy to hear all our favorite jams. One of our favorite brands is iHome. These inexpensive speakers are loud and reliable. Charge them up and they’re ready to go for hours. They come in all different shapes and sizes and can be found at stores like Ross or Marshalls. If you’re willing to spend a little more, we love the Beats Pill+! •Fitness Tracker Fitness trackers aren’t only for gym rats. Fitness trackers are a great way for anyone to track their daily activities . Summer is a great time to try new exercise routines or pick up a new sport. Most trackers monitor your blood pressure, calorie consumption, and steps taken in a day. Don’t neglect your health this summer! Snag this to monitor your progress! •Portable Charger The idea of a dead phone is terrifying. That means you can’t be car DJ for the road trip, no selfies, and no cute pics to your boo! Don’t be the girl who’s phone suddenly fades to black while google maps was saying the directions to the biggest party of the summer. Portable chargers are an absolute most for anyone taking a trip this summer or late nights with your girls. Most are inexpensive and are small enough to fit in your purse!