Happy Women's History Month!

As some of you may know, March is Women’s History Month! March 8th also marks International Women’s Day. Black women across the world have been making history since the beginning of time. While some dabble in entrepreneurship, others explore the world of entertainment or arts. Whether history was made 100 years ago or just a few months ago, we want to highlight their great accomplishments. These women beat the odds. They overcame obstacles to be remembered in history forever. They broke color barriers, exceeded the expectations of their male counterparts, and did it all with style and grace. This short list doesn’t scratch the surface. There are so many amazing black women that have paved the way. We’ve decided to feature a few below! Happy Women’s History Month! •Madam C.J. Walker - First Black female millionaire in America •Hattie McDaniel - First Black person to win an Oscar 1940 •Shirley Chisholm - First Black woman elected to Congress 1968. In 1972, she sought the Democratic nomination for president, making her the first Black woman to ever do so. •Mae Jemison - First Black woman in space on the Space Shuttle Endeavour September 12, 1992 •Jane Bolin - First Black woman to serve as judge in the US First black woman to graduate from Yale Law School First Black woman to join the New York City Bar Association First Black woman to join the New York City Law Department (Wikipedia) •Phillis Wheatley - First Published Black Female Poet •Ava DuVernay - First Black female to be nominated for a best director Golden Globe •Ella Fitzgerald - First Black woman to win a Grammy •Misty Copeland - First Black performer to be appointed principal dancer for the American Ballet Theater •Michelle Obama - First Black 1st Lady •Loretta Lynch - First Black woman to become Attorney General of the United States •Sarah E. Goode - First Black woman to receive a United States patent •Ruby Bridges - First Black child to attend an all-white public elementary school

By Mackenzie

Artwork by: Jacob Lawrence