MUST HAVE Spring Break Accessories!

Spring Break is approaching quickly. Grab these accessories to compliment your sun-filled days!

  • Sunglasses are the key accessory to completing any “Spring Break” look. Grab an oversized pair to hit the endless parties on South Beach ( and car selfies! ). If you’ll be spending your spring break trying to stay glam through outdoor adventures, try sporting a nude pair. Be sure to select a pair with UVA/UVB to ensure your eyes are protected through all the fun!

  • Earrings can make or break your outfit. Tis’ the season for the perfect hoop. Hoop earrings became popular by women of color who wore these earrings as a symbol to celebrate their history and reclaim their culture. Keep the culture alive by making a hoop an essential part of your outfit.

  • As it gets warmer, moods change. Facial and Body piercings are the perfect accessory to your beach, dinner, or mid-day adventure. Spring Break is the perfect time to opt for more colorful, fun pieces of jewelry and change your jewelry. Titanium, a metal commonly used in the medical field, is the most body friendly metal when choosing new jewelry. So go cop that psychedelic nose ring or that purple nipple ring!

  • Spring Break is full of long days and long nights (of course filled with laughter and fun!) Every girl wants to ensure they have all beach and party essentials at all times. Keep a large tote or backpack on you at all times. Don’t be the only friend not re-applying Gloss Bomb!

By Courtnee