Stay Black! Stay Proud!

February 1st marks the beginning of Black History Month, the beginning of a month to educate and embrace black culture of all realms. Each year, we set these few, but special, weeks aside to focus on historical figures and contributions made by men and women of African descent.

Bringing awareness to such monumental events allows for the significance and the sacrifice of these incredible figures to be highlighted and appreciated. Black History Month gives us a time to celebrate achievements and monumental marks in history. This is a moment to admire and mourn the sacrifices made by the ones before us. This is also a time for us to bring awareness to historic leaders in the black community and appreciate the continuous work they do.

Black History Month provides us with a chance to change the narrative. Often, we are falsely depicted or negativity highlighted in media. Black History Month is a time to celebrate us and the amazing things we do! Every February, we are provided with an opportunity to learn more about the obstacles our ancestors have overcome and the obstacles we are still facing. It is a moment to embrace every and anything about being black.

This month is an opportunity to dig deeper into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s infamous, “I have a Dream” speech, get lost in the blues of Miles Davis, or learn the stats about the first self made millionaire- Madam CJ Walker. The choice is up to you! Celebration of our accomplishments and obstacles reminds the world of our contributions and continuous efforts! Happy Black History Month!