Keys to Balance

A healthy life means a balanced, healthy mind. The brain needs exercise, similar to your body, in order to maintain a balanced equilibrium. Stimulation of the brain through visualizing, writing, and thinking all work to maintain your balance and promote mental clarity.

Here are three ways to maintain mental balance. Reading - Reading plays an avid role in your mental health. For some, reading can be a stress reliever, an opportunity to gain new knowledge, or can serve as the extra boost your mind needs. Reading also aids in memory improvement, problem-solving, insomnia, creativity, and cultivates empathy.

Meditation - Meditation is essential to your spiritual well-being. During meditation, the frontal lobe of the brain, which is associated with anxiety, stress, fear, becomes less active. This allows for the brain to process less information and for the production of the hormone, dopamine, to increase. Daily meditation plays an important role in regulating anxiety and stress. Meditation can also improve your immune system, minimize fatigue, and control pain.

Writing - Writing is a tool of healing and expression. Communicating your thoughts and feelings on paper serve as an outlet for the mind. Writing serves as a huge influence for the brain and can stimulate the mind through your own thought provoking expression. Writing benefits the mind by aiding in communication skills, memory skills, and the promotion of a better self understanding.

How do you stay balanced?

By Courtnee