We LOVE Our Four-Legged Pals!

According to Kristen Sturt at the Huffington Post, a few benefits of having a dog are:

•Decreased depression

•Decreased stress

•Increased exercise and wellness

•Better overall heart health

They say, “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” Dogs are known to be loyal, loving, and helpful. The relationship that one has with their dog is special. For people that love dogs, dogs become a part of the family. We love our four-legged friends!

Dogs have always had a special place in our hearts. They love unconditionally. The bond that is created is one that can never be broken. We feed, play with, and walk them, but they can’t physically give us much in return. They’re always happy to see and protect us and sometimes want nothing more than a belly rub. My dream is to own as many dogs as possible, different breeds, and show them nothing but love and affection.

Do you have a dream dog or dream pet?

Let us know!


Courtnee & Mackenzie

*Pictured is Courtnee’s dog, Charlie, who has an IG page: @charliefromflorida*